Journey Your Clients Will Never Forget

Discover the essence of Saudi, where your clients will find a mixture of global diversity that has emerged from this cradle of many human civilizations.
Visitors can explore the rock inscriptions and archaeological cities dating back to more than 10,000 years. Today, Saudi is a proud home of several heritage sites registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Each season of the year offers a distinct Saudi experience! Whether your clients choose to climb to the top of the highest mountain, 3000 meters above sea level, dive into the magical wonders of the corals and marine life of the Red Sea or cross the largest palm oasis in the world growing more than 2.5 million palm trees, all of these exciting experiences, and more, await you in a country ranked third in the world in terms of safety.

Plan your client’s trip to Saudi and inspire them to be part of the largest international events inside the most prominent cities of Saudi. Set out to discover the unique charm of Saudi generosity and heartfelt hospitality. Feast on the distinctively delicious traditional food. Witness the most mesmerizing iconic architectural masterpieces. And, discover the enchanting world of oriental scents.

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Explore the Authentic Arabia

The Birthplace of the Saudi Dynasty

Get ready to create the best itinerary for your clients to immerse themselves in the heritage of Al Turaif, the home of the First State of Saudi and be mesmerized by the contrast to present-day Riyadh. Witness the mystifying changes happening in the country.

Al-Turaif: The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Turaif at Diriyah, the birthplace of the first Saudi state, historical crossroads of pilgrims and traders.

Souq Alzal: Shoppers can travel back in time at one of the city’s most famous market, Souq Al Zal, and discover its 120-year-old history.

Masmak Fortress: A vast clay and mud-brick citadel that witnessed the birth of a kingdom, Al Masmak serves as a proud reminder of Saudi Arabia’s storied history.

The Boulevard: Riyadh Season Boulevard is a great experience for all. It has so many larger- than-life attractions. A place of entertainment and social interaction, where the landscape and décor transports you to a world unlike your own.

Al-Thumamah Dunes: The sand dunes of Thumamah - the capital’s quality time escape from the city's busy life. Enjoy a fascinating bonfire in the mystical climate of this desert with warmth, music, and light.

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Experience the Excitement

A world-class line- up awaits this winter. Whether your clients prefer Jalsat or Jason Derulo, international cuisine from food trucks or fine dining from food legends, or simply want to watch the spectacular fireworks with friends. These are some of the highlights you can look forward to include in your clients' itineraries.

Riyadh Season: Hundreds of events, concerts and experiences for just about every interest, across Riyadh for nearly six months.

AlUla Moments: Take part in four unique events and festivals starting September 2022. Beyond extraordinary landscapes are moments of excitement, freedom, discovery, delight.

Diriyah Season: Featuring leading events and incredible experiences, Diriyah Season makes history in a historic district in Riyadh.

AL Wadi Activation: A four-month event extravaganza with a weekly programme of events and entertainment including kids show, live performances, art installations, rooftop supper clubs and weekend farmers markets.

Savor the Moment

Umrah Plus

Visitors can recharge their soul during the spiritual journey to the Holy Mosque of Makkah for Umrah and enjoy the beautiful mix of humans from around the world.

Al Balad: Jeddah is Saudi’s buzzing cosmopolitan hub, home to gleaming hotels and big- ticket events like the Red Sea International Film Festival. Al Balad, Jeddah’s UNESCO-listed old town is one of the Kingdom’s most evocative quarters, with narrow alleyways leading to spice-scented souqs and glowing traditional bakeries.

Taif, the city of roses: Taif is a cool escape from the summer heat, especially in the beautiful nearby mountains of Al Shafa. While the roses bloom in April, the city really blossoms in August, where the Souq Okaz cultural festival and the Crown Prince Camel Festival are just a few of the attractions around town.

King Abdullah Economic City:
Discover another world and experience this modern Saudi city with its unique architecture and culture, five-star hotels, spas, marinas and a range of water sports that make KAEC an ideal destination to visit.

Jeddah City Tour

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Saudi Villages Culture

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Sailor Yacht

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AlUla Open Museum Discovery

Your clients can explore the majestic sites in AlUla and uncover the treasures of ancient civilizations among the rocks and cliffs. Recommend your clients to visit the many sites and experience the culture of the people living among these wonders.

Hegra: Saudi Arabia's first UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore over 110 remarkably well-preserved tombs set in a desert landscape, while learning about the ancient people and culture of AlUla.

Dadan: The ancient and powerful civilizations of the Dadanite and Lihyanite kingdoms, that have built and shaped AlUla.

Jabal Ikmah: An open library of inscriptions, rock art and petroglyphs set in a stunning desert canyon of AlUla.

Elephant Rock: Witness AlUla's most famous geological formation, Elephant Rock, as she looms large over you. This iconic geological marvel is a wonder to see in the daylight or at nighttime.

AlUla Old Town Market: A variety of retail stores featuring local artisans, entrepreneurs, cafes, cultural activations, handicraft stores, and local specialty foods, are waiting to be discovered.  

Gateway to the Red Sea

A package of fun and sun! Visitors will enjoy the clear waters of the Red Sea and its unique marine life! Make sure to recommend your clients to head to the historical Albalad district in Jeddah and savor all its unique flavours.

Jeddah Corniche: The Waterfront of the city. A 30 km coastal resort area located along the Red Sea, the corniche features recreation areas, pavilions and large-scale civic sculptures.

Al Balad: UNESCO Heritage Site the re-enactment of main historic events along Jeddah’s 2,500 years of heritage and history.

Al Tayebat City: Museum complex highlighting the city's heritage, with a mosque, relics & traditional architecture.

Bayadha Island: Located only 40km away from Jeddah, Bayadhah Island known for its turquoise waters, picturesque coral reefs, and sandy beaches.

Jeddah Yacht Club: Escape the bustle of Jeddah Town and spend a peaceful day at the shoreline or enjoy luxurious time on board a yacht.

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