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The Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic, are a stunning vacation destination, and Tenerife is by far the most sophisticated island escape offering the best of Spanish culture and much more. Located a 2.5-hour flight from Madrid or Lisbon and 3 to 4 hour flight from London, or Barcelona, Tenerife is a striking volcanic island, with black-sand beaches, towering mountains and starry skies like you’ve never seen before.

With a rugged, dramatic coastline where beaches with white, golden or even black sand are lapped by a deep-blue ocean, and not to mention year-round warmth and sunshine, Tenerife is the perfect European island getaway for a spring vacation, a summer beach break or a spot to bask in the winter sun.

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Tenerife, 365 days to enjoy life

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If your clients are really looking to get away from it all, Tenerife is the place to go. Beyond the beautiful beaches and quaint towns and cities, there’s a whole host of unusual and otherworldly landscapes to explore.

No matter your clients’ chosen mode of transport – on foot, by bike or a road trip – sensational ocean vistas and striking, ethereal panoramas can be had from the island’s interior – especially on the star attraction, Mount Teide (Spain´s highest peak and a UNESCO World Heritage Site). Take the road or hiking trails and staggering mountain passes offer breathtaking scenery as you climb, and ochre, rocky Martian-like landscapes will make you feel like you’re venturing out of this world.

Teide is home to its own national park, where the Route of the Planets and Stars offers a self-guided tour of the remarkable area and its connection with the skies. Come during the day for incredible views, and then again at night for sensational stargazing.

Thanks to its remote location in the middle of the Atlantic, and the waters that surround the island, Tenerife is a spectacular place for whale and dolphin watching trips.

There’s nothing quite like bobbing about on the ocean, looking out at the horizon and finally seeing a majestic dark gray body breach the waters beyond.


The crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic around Tenerife, combined with the rich diversity of marine life, make it a great diving and snorkeling destination. Above the waves, windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, kayaking, deep sea fishing, or simply relaxing aboard a sailboat, are all good options to spend a day in the water!

All year round in Tenerife it’s possible to spot bottlenose dolphins and short-finned pilot whales, which live in specific areas around the island. The beautiful striped dolphin, Atlantic spotted dolphin and the elegant Bryde’s whale are also common in the waters here.


Tenerife has a strong identity. When Spanish settlers arrived here in the 15th century, they brought old traditions with them and new customs were soon created, too. Today, some of these are still going strong and visitors will love getting under the skin of this destination through its many festivals and celebrations. 

The historic areas of San Cristobal de La Laguna (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), Garachico or La Orotava, have been awarded prizes that acknowledge their excellent state of conservation, and are just three examples of the cultural treasures to be discovered in Tenerife. The island’s charming towns are sure to entice visitors to stroll the colorful streets and admire their beauty.

Travelers can also feast on the island’s wholesome traditional dishes that follow grandmothers' recipes and sample the most cutting-edge recipes by chefs who take the best of our childhood flavours and give them a creative twist. Allow your clients to be conquered by Tenerife's rich culinary heritage, married with the area's exceptional wines.

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Tenerife: A stunning European island escape 

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Tenerife is among the most desirable places for those who want to enjoy memorable experiences in an idyllic setting at the highest level.

For a long time now, Tenerife has been home to luxury accommodation of the major and best hotel chains. In addition to the variety of 5-star hotels, 5-star L and 5-star GL, new accommodation models have been added in the last years; such as apartment  hotels, boutique hotels and country houses, which combine luxury and nature to meet the latest demands of the most discerning tourists in search of unique and exclusive experiences, but in a natural and relaxed environment.

Tenerife during the day? How about yoga on the sailboat during the sunset to reconcile visitors' physical and mental well-being?  Don´t forget to recommend your clients Volcano Teide Experience for an adventurous day, and shopping areas to find the prestigious brands.

And did you know Tenerife is home to many Michelin star restaurants? Make sure to recommend your clients to visit Restaurant MB, or for an  exquisite option, Kabuki Restaurant or El Rincón de Juan Carlos, a classic of the local gastronomic scene, which has shown that traditional recipes can become true works of art.


Download the map of Tenerife now to plan the best itineraries for your clients! 

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