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New and Cool experiences in Istanbul

Istanbul knows how to combine contemporary lifestyle with ancient traditions. The city has a vibrant cultural scene, a massive historical heritage, amazing gastronomic experiences and breathtaking views in every corner. 

A perfect trip to Istanbul starts from the Historical Peninsula and Sultanahmet neighborhood, home to the ancient heritage of the city. Must-see landmarks include the Ayasofya building, the Sultanahmet Mosque, and the Basilica Cistern.

For some impressive 360º views of Istanbul, your clients should make sure to visit the Galata Tower in the Galata neighborhood. Not far from the neighborhood is Galataport İstanbul, a major waterfront development project on the Bosphorus coastline. 

The new developments will include the world’s first underground cruise ship terminal and a new neighborhood dedicated to culture, art, design, new-generation shopping and gastronomy. 

Istanbul also knows how to inspire. In addition to prime museums like Topkapı and Dolmabahçe, some new age museums, like Masumiyet Müzesi and İstanbul Toy Museum have popped up in the city.

Every year, art aficionados and professionals meet up at Contemporary İstanbul, the leading art fair of the city. It is also possible to find a wide range of side events for art lovers: from glamorous party spots to converted Ottoman power stations, art events are held in various spots, showing works of both emerging artists and masters.

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Guest Health and Safety 

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The Turkish Riviera, a Mediterranean treasure

With a magnificent 1000-kilometer-long coast and a Mediterranean climate, the dreamy Turkish Mediterranean is best visited during the months of May, June and September.

Blending perfectly with its natural surroundings, there are plenty of top-notch beach-side luxury resorts and boutique hotels.

This lush coastal region, known as the Turkish Riviera, offers ancient cities, castles, forts, temples, and much more!
 Fascinating with its pine forests and waterfalls, Alanya is in the far east of the city of Antalya with its historical castle extending into the Mediterranean. 

The three ancient regions of Lycia, Pamphylia, and Pisidia host some of the most beautiful examples of ancient cities such as Side, Patara, Olympos and Phaselis.

Beyond historical sightings, there are plenty of adventures. Your clients may opt for sailing on a yacht or a gulet to explore pristine coves around Antalya and Mersin encircled by lush green forests. They can also discover an exciting underwater world with rich, beautiful, and colorful flora and fauna.

Trekking enthusiasts can hit the Lycian Trail and the Pisidian Trail, two footpath routes with diverse archaeological stops. Adventurers will enjoy caving, camping, and biking in and around stunning waterfalls, and forests. 

Places such as Tekirova and Patara offer the most ideal conditions for camping, perfect for a quiet holiday option in nature surrounded by water resources merging with the sea. 

After a long day of sightseeing and adventures, your clients can head to a hammam for a relaxing massage or hit the buzzing cities of Mersin or Antalya.  Antalya’s charming streets are filled with laid-back cafés and bars, perfect to enjoy a Turkish coffee or a cocktail before heading to chic traditional diners or stylish mezze restaurants by the sea. After dinner, the fun can continue at a mega-club or a live music venue.

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An exquisite journey to the Turkaegan

On this legendary coastline, UNESCO World Heritage Sites overlook small towns and picturesque bays, with quiet coves, turquoise waters and lush green nature.
From stunning accommodation options that include restored old stone houses and mansions, to refined delicacies, superb historical heritage, and astonishing experiences, the Turkish Aegean promises a trip your clients will always remember.

Wander through the orchards to taste a juicy fruit straight from the tree. Watch the production of olive oil from the olives picked in the vast olive groves. Take time to taste the wine made of local grape varieties to admire their combination with authentic dishes prepared with all that is fresh and good.

Home to unique artisan patterns, the region is perfect to discover authentic villages and to witness the traditional process of pottery making and carpet and rugs weaving. The intact villages will also take your clients through a gastronomical journey adorned with rustic farm meal.

As for sea journeys, experiences range from island-hopping picnics and romantic sunset cruises aboard yachts or sailing boats.  
A daily boat trip from Bodrum is a must-do experience . Your clients can spend an incredible day on the Aegean Sea swimming in the crystal-clear waters, sunbathing, or diving in over 20 sites along the Bodrum coast with underwater landscapes that cover reefs, caves, and three purposely sunken wrecks!

Don’t miss the chance to recommend to your clients a stop by the Knidos ancient city.  

Türkiye is home to infinite locations that your clients have only dreamed of! 

Starting from its cosmopolitan and cool city, Istanbul which holds two continents together, to ancient sites with thousands of years of history and untouched natural landscapes that host unique experiences. 

Türkiye is also home of some of the most popular beach destinations in Europe, featuring dazzling coastlines with pristine beaches and turquoise waters. 

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Other new hotspots are in Karaköy and Moda neighborhoods, blossoming with hip new spaces to explore while preserving traditional characteristics. Some quarters by the Bosphorus have also become fashionable neighborhoods home to elegant cocktail bars and gastropubs with views of beautiful old mansions that adorn the banks of the Bosphorus.

After visiting landmarks and museums, your clients can enjoy a pampering break at one of the many hammam buildings (Turkish baths), for a unique oriental spa experience.

Shopping therapy is also available in Istanbul. With its historical bazaars, avantgarde designer boutiques and new and modern upmarket malls the city is a true paradise for every shopaholic! 

If your clients are in the mood for some quiet and relaxation they can hop on a pleasant ferry ride to Princes’ Islands, where they can enjoy walking in cobblestone streets lined with historical mansions with colorful flowers in their gardens. 

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Culture and Nature in the Eastern Black Sea Region

Trabzon is a city located on the ancient Silk Road. Its an important trade and cultural center filled with museums, monasteries, Hagia Sophia Mosque, tombs, caravanserais, baths, covered bazaar, Trabzon Castle, and spectacular examples of civil architecture and a fantastic landscape. 

Notable figures like Marco Polo have visited the city in 14th century and it has also been the source of inspiration for world-renowned travelers.

The unique city of Bursa

Bursa the 2022 Cultural Capital of the Turkic World is a place that appeals to everyone’s tastes.

Bursa’s central bazaar area is an awesome spot for shopping, eating and experiencing the culture. Local articrafts include goods like silk scarves, ceramics and tiles, calligraphy, metal art, Ottoman-period antiques, and wool clothing making for an interesting shopping experience. Bursa is home to several neat little museums like the City Museum, Atatürk House, and others. 

Famous for its impressive nature and healing waters, Oylat Kaplıcaları (Hot Springs) is a spa valley in the beautiful İnegöl district of Bursa. 
The area around Bursa is also home to beautiful natural features like beaches, forests, waterfalls, caves, and hidden little villages. Activities such as hiking, fishing, caving, camping, mountaineering, birding, swimming can all be enjoyed in the Bursa area.

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