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Japan is a land overflowing with unforgettable experiences. The pamphlet in your hands is a curated guide to one hundred such destinations, handpicked to appeal to the visitor from abroad looking to delve deeper into the country and its culture. 

A committee of experts has carefully selected those that offer the visitor hands-on experiences that are distinctively Japanese— sites that tell a powerful story that will stimulate the senses, stir the heart, and leave impressions that will stay with travelers long after their return home.

Download the guide below to learn more about the experiences your clients can have in Japan! 


From sushi to sumo wrestling, Japan’s culture is distinctive!

Whether your clients want a thrilling city break in the likes of Tokyo, where bright neon lights of the big city contrast with the tight warren of lanes where old shops and restaurants sit shoulder-to-shoulder, or they prefer an active trip out in the mountains where they can hike and enjoy some hot springs, Japan is bound to provide an unforgettable vacation for all.

Read our articles below to learn more about Japan to create the best itineraries for your clients when the time is right!


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Check out the experiences your customers can enjoy in Japan.

Eating in Japan

If sushi is a favorite, this is by far the best place in the world to try those famous raw fish dishes – send your clients to the Tsukiji fish market for some of the finest. 

But Japan’s cuisine goes well beyond sushi, as each region has its own flavors and favorites. Don’t let clients miss out on trying yakitori, which involves meat such as chicken skin and liver being skewered and grilled to perfection, or make sure they try one of Japan’s favorite comfort foods: okonomiyaki. This pancake-like dish is a sensational savory snack served with any toppings you like, then doused in a tangy, piquant sauce.

Elsewhere, noodles are a staple and sampling all of Japan’s different noodle dishes would be a years-long affair. Ramen is the most famous way to enjoy the Japanese staple, but tell your clients to also look out for soba noodle dishes and thicker udon noodles.

Japan’s mainland and its various islands are known for their volcanic activity, which might sound ominous. But it also means that across Japan there are hundreds of hot springs and geothermal pools – and visitors can take advantage of this at the country’s many onsen. 

An onsen is a public bath, usually heated by geothermal activity underground, and it’s the place to go to experience a genuine Japanese tradition.

There are strict rules to follow while bathing in an onsen – you must bathe in the nude and wash thoroughly with soap beforehand – and many onsen have multiple pools of varying temperature! 

However, there are hotels/ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) throughout Japan that have private hot springs in the rooms for the guests who want more privacy. Make sure to check before creating your itineraries for your clients! 

Getting Steamy in Japan

Japan´s Festivals

Japan plays host to all manner of festivals and events throughout the calendar year. The most famous festival is the cherry blossom (sakura) festival, in which locals come out in droves to enjoy hanami (cherry blossom viewing) parties beneath the white and pink blossoming trees. 

Japanese cherry blossom season is from late March through early May depending on the region and weather. If your clients want to see the blossoms, don't forget to add it to their itineraries for an unforgettable experience! 

For winter time fun, Sapporo in the north hosts a true spectacle – the Sapporo Yuki Matsuri. This week-long celebration sees hundreds of snow sculptures and ice carvings on display across the city, as well as concerts and shows put on in its venues. 

And in the summer, Aomori Nebuta Matsuri, the giant paper floats (nebuta) are usually mythical figures, gods and spirits, local personalities, kabuki actors or even TV characters.

Japan´s most iconic mountain: Mt. Fuji

Sacred, singular and spectacular, Mt. Fuji is nothing short of awe-inspiring and rightfully one of the country’s top attractions.

Whether your clients want to experience Mt. Fuji up close, or from the confines of a relaxing hot spring resort or ryokan, or from as far away as Tokyo, there are many ways your clients can make the country’s tallest mountain part of their Japan adventure. 

From fifth station trailhead strolls and overnight climbs to visiting the five Fuji lakes, exploring the foothills, and getting the very best views of the mountain, plan your client´s Mt. Fuji excursion!