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Best Spots to Witness Korea’s Spring Blossoms

Now is a beautiful time to visit Korea, especially when the country's nature presents a colorful and vivid scenery. 
In Korea, the most common spring flowers representing the arrival of spring are forsythias, azaleas, and cherry blossoms.

Here are some of the best spots in Korea to witness this nature's spectacle.

Goryeosan Mountain, Ganghwa: In Goryeosan Mountain, colonies of azalea shrubs can be found throughout the mountain top. Your clients will have to hike uphill to get the rewarding sight of vibrant pink blanketing the mountains which will have them forget all their muscle sores.

Changdeokgung Palace, Seoul: Changdeokgung Palace is one of the best places to calmly enjoy spring beauty within the city. Your clients can catch glimpses and take beautiful pictures of striking dark pink blossoms among other spring flowers.

Yeongchwisan Mountain, Yeosu: To see the earliest azalea bloom visitors should head to Yeongchwisan Mountain boasting with an azalea colony that spans over 330,000 ㎡. The captivating sight of pink azaleas in full bloom in a wide open field at the mountain top is a scene that your clients shouldn't miss out.

Gyeonghwa Station, Jinhae: Recommend your clients a visit to Jinhae. The city known as a cherry blossom city hosts Korea’s largest cherry blossom festival, the Jinhae Gunhangje Festival, which has been taking place annually for 60 years. 

Among all the regions in Jinhae, Gyeonghwa Station and its magnificent cherry blossom tunnel are a must-see.

Jeonnong-ro, Jeju: If your clients want to see the first blooms of cherry flowers in Korea they should head to Jeju Island. 

The most popular cherry blossom spot in Jeju Island is the area of Jeonnong-ro where king cherry blossom trees are lined along both sides of the street, making what seems like an endless tunnel of white and light pink rain of flower petals.


Instagrammable Locations in Seoul  

Seoul is a charming destination with lots of things to see, eat, and enjoy. Tradition and modern coexist and the countless unique sceneries make Seoul the perfect place to travel and make memories. 

Your clients can fill their Instagram feed while discovering beautiful locations with the next attraction recommendations:

Deoksugung Palace: Deoksugung Palace is one of Seoul’s five royal palaces. The palace offers a unique view among the palaces in Seoul. In particular, it is well known for its beautiful scenery of fall foliage against the western style buildings like Seokjojeon Hall, and traditional buildings from the Joseon period.  

Another beautiful photo spot is Deoksugung Stone Wall Path which stretches approximately 900 meters and is lined with ginkgo and maple trees adding to the quaint beauty of Deoksugung Palace. 

Seoulism: Seoulism is a popular rooftop café with a view of Lotte World Tower in Jamsil, Seoul.  Apart from the rooftop, there is also a large indoor area decorated with a vintage interior. The large glass windows also have a great view of Seoul city.

Seoul Botanic Park: Seoul Botanic Park exhibits plants from 12 different cities to increase ecology sensitivity in the city. The area is the size of 70 soccer fields and combines the aspects of a botanical garden and a park to create a “botanic park”. 

The botanic park has paid areas as well as free ones. The greenhouse garden is the main paid area although is it only a small part of the whole botanic park. Outdoors, there is a large lake, grass field, and hanok building, all worth striking a pose for a photo.

Covid-19 Information

Airlines have already seen a surge in bookings for April, with many travelers keen to visit as soon as they can – and while the cherry blossoms are in season. Potential visitors can find out more about the quarantine exemption via the FAQs and start planning their trip of a lifetime via the VisitKorea website.

 International visitors must register their vaccine status on the Q-CODE website before arriving in Korea – a QR code will be provided which you must scan at immigration. When registering, Q-CODE will ask for your personal information (including passport number), entry information (departure country, airline, address in Korea, phone number) and vaccine records.  Q-CODE website: cov19ent.kdca.go.kr

All international arrivals to Korea are required to provide a negative PCR test certificate. The test must have been taken within the 48 hours prior to departure.

Additional information regarding quarantine exemption and safe travel guide will be available on the Visit Korea website


Learn more about Korea to create the best itineraries for your clients!

Visitors to Korea will discover fascinating history, mouth-watering cuisine, and diverse landscapes.

The Republic of Korea is a country visited by approximately ten million international travelers every year. With its long history in culture and tradition, the country has a lot to offer to travelers. Continue reading our articles to discover more about Korea and make sure to book stays from our promotional accommodations below to create the itinerary for your clients. 

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Starfield Library: Starfield Library, located in the center of COEX, in the middle of Gangnam, Seoul. It's an open bookstore themed multi-cultural complex. 

There is a wide open space in the center that houses exhibitions or structures depending on the season or event. It also has various restaurants, a movie theater, and an aquarium. Since it is indoors, it is the perfect place to visit regardless of season or weather.

Greem Cafe: Greem Café is a popular Instagrammable café with a unique interior. The plants on the wall, the tables and chairs, and even the pillar looks like a drawing. It’s like standing in a white space decorated in black lines creating a sketched 2D area, almost like you’ve become a character in a comic book. 

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Terms and Conditions: *Offers built into the pricing displayed. Includes discounts on bookings up to 20% off. Book stays before 31st of August 2022. Subject to availability.

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South Korea offers a fascinating history, a rich culture, amazing food, and friendly people. A country of contrasts, with tourist attractions ranging from ancient mountaintop Buddhist temples such as Bulguksa Temple to the ultra-modern skyscrapers as Lotte World Tower in Seoul.

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Scenic Drives for a Korean Road Trip

As car rentals can easily be found throughout the country, renting a car in Korea is a convenient option.  Gangwon Nature Road consists of seven courses that are connected in the figure of number “8” running across a total distance of 1,298 kilometers. 

Each course has routes with pleasant and beautiful scenery and “view points” where visitors can stop by to take a break. Recommend your clients a road trip on Gangwon Nature Road to discover nature’s hidden gems that are yet to be found!

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